Swim with Whale Sharks

Dare to immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez enjoying the grace and kindness of the largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark. This majestic fish is found in the Bay of La Paz where it gives us the opportunity to observe in its natural habitat.

An awesome, close-up encounter awaits you, as the whale-sized fish glides slowly through the water in search of plankton, where you’ll be by their side. Swimming gently and slowly near the surface, these docile creatures allow you to approach them without risk.

Get ready to live this experience and learn about the marine biodiversity of this area. The best season to enjoy these beautiful giants is from october through march.

You can close out the day’s adventure with a visit to the small, beautiful town of Todos Santos, known for its excellent surfing and quainted streets with unique shops and restaurants.

For more information please contact our concierges, they will happily assist you to book your tour.

whale shark.jpg