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“Su Casa Es Mi Casa”

Our mission at Francisco Luna Property Management is to truly take care of your home as if it was our own. Paying attention to every detail. Especially during hurricane and tropical storms. We make sure your valuables are protected and preserved as much as possible. We have an incredible team working around the clock during times to ensure we have the least impact on the homes.

We truly pride ourselves in the hard work and heart we put into taking care of your home away from home. And we are so honored to have one of our dear members watch this first hand  and write in to give us praise and thanks. We appreciate such kind words.


Hello all.  I was at the house a few times this past week picking up some personal items and was able to see what all you have done to prepare our home for the hurricane season.  Wow!!!  I had no idea what all you do to get the house prepared.  To read the description on paper is one thing but to see it in person is different.  All sconces removed, all rugs rolled and protected from potential flooding and stored off the ground, stereo equipment removed from outside, BBQ grill and refrigerator removed and stored in garage, all dishes removed from cabinets,  all furniture blocked off the floor.  The list goes on, but I just want all the partners to get an idea of the amount of work that is required to do all of this.  I also want to let you guys know how much we appreciate the care you take in our home.  Each time I stopped by there were people working on different items to keep things looking great.  Thank you!