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Luna Cabo is…

Luna Cabo Property Management and Rentals is a company that has been dedicated to the administration and rental of exclusive and luxurious Villas in Los Cabos for over a decade. We have more than 70 villas in our inventory which are located from Pedregal at Cabo San Lucas to East Cape in San José del Cabo. In Luna Cabo we firmly believe in creating a healthy, familiar and close environment with all our collaborators, this way the services that we offer are going to improve every day, with happy employees.

We are committed with our clients to go beyond their expectations, and furthermore any other company of Property Management. With our service and attention to detail, we give superior value. Our goal is to give every guest the attention they deserve, so they can enjoy of the privacy, comfort and luxury of each villa. We select meticulously our rentals according to the needs of our guests. We also offer hospitality services such as masseurs, professional chefs, yacht rentals, tour operators, amongst many other services.

We are proud to offer the highest quality services. 


To be the leading company in the management and rental of high-end properties. To serve clients with needs for the administration of their properties and satisfy 100% of their requirements in quantity, quality, cost and delivery, to hire suppliers and use products that care and are friendly to the environment, to retain staff with high spirit of service, trained, committed and satisfied with their payments and benefits, to respect in its entirety the Mexican laws.


To contribute to the development of real estate and high-end tourism in Los Cabos by providing comprehensive services in the real estate management market, through the application of state-of-the-art techniques in systems maintenance, furniture and equipment, environmental protection, human resources and respect for the current legal framework.

Our Values


All employees must have the best possible presentation, always bathed and with clean clothes to work. Their appearance should be as neat as the image of the company before the customers.


We encourage our staff to communicate with the truth to maintain good communication and better solve the issues that we must face.


Keeping us focused on the above topics will always maintain a high level of service and excellence for our customers. We want to continue being the company that marks the excellence.


Being on time is always important for the company, and every minute we work is important and necessary for our customers.


It is important for us to know that everything we offer during your stay fulls your expectations.

Total Quality

We embrace our values so we can achieve a long term customer satisfaction.