Premium Property Management in Cabo

Luna Cabo Property Management & Rentals has been dedicated to the administration and rental of exclusive and Luxurious Villas in Los Cabos for over 20 years. We have more than 70 villas in our inventory which are located from the prestigious Pedregal at Cabo San Lucas to the far East Cape beyond San José del Cabo.

At Luna Cabo, we firmly believe in creating a healthy, familiar, and close atmosphere with all our collaborators, this way the services that we offer improve every day. 

We are committed to our clients to go beyond their expectations, with our service and attention to detail, we give every guest the attention they deserve so they can enjoy the privacy, comfort, and luxury of each villa worry-free. 

We consider ourselves an integral company and take pride in our work, always having in mind our Code of Ethics as part of our personal and professional routine.

Property Management Company
in Cabo San Lucas

Luna Cabo Property Management & Rentals has been managing, maintaining, and promoting premier private residences throughout Los Cabos for over 20 years.

Our qualified Property Managers create strong links with our guests keeping them informed and having close communication to follow up on every detail or situation that might arise in their properties, making them feel relaxed and confident that their investment is in the best hands.

As Part Of Our Full Integral Property Management Services, We also offer the following:

Guest Amenities 

We provide some of the best personal grooming products to indulge all of our guests while they relax in your property.

Management Communication 

We have efficient and continuous communication with owners about the status of their properties, through a clear and easy-to-understand report ¨PUNCH LIST¨, our Property Managers inform about every necessary work needed for the property.

Financial Reports 

We offer clear and accurate monthly financial reports.

House Manuals and Devices Instructions

We design house manuals that help our guests with the use of technological devices, such as WiFi, Smart TVs, jacuzzi, and firepit remotes among other items specific to your property.

Cleaning Services

Daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis as required. All personnel wears uniforms and display clear identification.

Utility Management

Electricity; propane and water; this includes daily readings to identify and control possible leaks or unwanted use.

Property Tax Management

Paid within the time given by authorities to take advantage of any discounts.

Trust Fee Management 

Paid within the time to avoid penalty charges.

HOA Maintenance Fee Management

Paid within the time to avoid penalty charges.


Monthly billing information; itemized invoice and next month’s projections. Profit/loss comparative statistics (rental incomes vs. house expenses).


With rental agents for damages and follow-up to complete the payment process, including picture documentation, written reports, quotes, billing forms, etc.

Management of Employees and Sub-Contractors

If you have your own staff or work with regular contractors for maintenance we can serve as your Project Manager insuring that you have eyes on the ground and that all services and timelines are met and completed as you intended.

Property Inventories

Linen, silverware, dishware, wines, and liquors are among the specific list that matters to you.