What to bring to Cabo

Besides the obvious swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses, here are 5 essentials to help ensure you have just what you need and master the art of traveling light on your Cabo vacation.


You’ll sure be doing lots of walking. Whether it be shopping around the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, or walking the charming streets of old San Jose del Cabo, you will need good quality sandals that will withstand all the walking.


Packing light is easy when headed to Cabo. Pack one or two outfits that can be used for both day and night. A Tommy Bahama-like shirt is great for both a nice brunch on a golf course or a night out! No need to stress about overdressing. Style here, is laidback with a beach-glam twist.


It’s nice to enjoy Cabo’s heat while poolside or drinking some margaritas at the beach. But when the sun goes down, so does the warm temperatures. So it’s always recommended to bring a light jacket. You’ll definitely need it while you enjoy a sunset tour at sea or a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean.


Vacations are to relax and do nothing. But it’s also great to recharge and clear the mind from all the everyday hustle and bustle. Enjoy getting sunkissed while reading a book that has been on your list “to read.” Or relax and listen to an inspiring podcast. It’s easy to spend hours relaxing while in Cabo. And there’s nothing like unwinding while recharging your soul at the same time.


It’s easy to overindulge during vacation. So try and incorporate some healthy supplements as much as possible with an essential travel wellness kit! Nowadays, there are many small, individual packets of vitamin C, or Superfood powders to help combat those hungover mornings. Between the congested airports, change in temperatures, and heavy foods, we should have some backup goodies to help keep us ready for another fun day of adventure.

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