One of the most beautiful activities we can do in Los Cabos, along with watching the Gray Whales or swimming with dolphins, is to feel the unique sensation of releasing a baby turtle. An action that gives children and adults a special sensitivity to nature and makes us understand the importance of preserving and respecting the planet in which we live.

Baja California Sur is home to five species: leatherback, olive ridley and back that nest on its beaches and hawksbill and loggerhead that only come to feed ion its waters.

Sea turtles use tropical beaches for reproduction, but only females come out of the sea to deposit their eggs in the sand. Survivability from hatchling to adult is very low due to natural predation and threats – direct and indirect – caused by humans. It has been estimated that only one of a thousand hatchlings will survive to reach adulthood.

ASUPMATOMA is an association in Cabo San Lucas that carries out work to protect turtle nests, in addition to the controlled release of offspring, marking of nesting turtles and the taking of morphometric data in them. They work mainly with the following species: Golfina (Lepidochelys olivacea, Olive ridley).

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