Heavenly Hideaway-Todo Santos

All Saints”- the name of this magical town. A town that is located 90-minutes away from Cabo San Lucas and an absolute must-visit on your next trip to Cabo. In just a short drive you’ll be transported to a complete different place and time.

Todo Santos breathes creativity, adventure, spirituality. There is always something unique happening in this place. Whether it’s a music festival, an art show or a fun yoga adventure, you will definitely find yourself with a new story to tell friends and family. And the culinary scene is superb. Guaranteed to have some of the most amazingly delicious al fresco and authentic meals which the locals truly believe is as good as it is because it is all “made with love.”  Here some of the restaurants we recommend in Todos Santos:

This magical town has now become known for its eco-luxury approach, where the ecologically and socially responsible meets luxury and excellence of the hospitality world. Creating a unique and authentic experience.

It is also a hotspot for surfers, of all levels.  Having to of the most popular surf breaks just 10 minutes away, you can enjoy riding waves or learning how-to on pristine beaches.

Whale watching in Todos Santos is a uniquely, fascinating experience here at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. This is where Gray whales come up to breed during the winter time. And unlike anywhere else, you are able to do more than just “ watch” the whales. You can have an up close encounter with these great creatures of nature.

And then of course there is the legendary “Hotel California.” This place holds great charm and mystery. The town’s church is adjacent to the hotel, providing a sound of mission bells daily. This award winning hotel is also known not only for it’s cuisine but the crafted cocktails. We recommend you take a moment to pause and enjoy a drink or two and soak in your time at this magical place.

So whether it’s a quick day trip or a one night stay, we highly suggest making sure you visit Todo Santos during your next vacation with us in Cabo. It is truly gem in the middle of the desert.

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