The end of summer season here in Los Cabos is close as well as hurricane season. If you are traveling anytime between the months of August, September and October you’ll want to briefly read up on how we can help keep you safe in case of a hurricane taking place during your stay.

We highly recommend you purchase a travel insurance plan. It can help to reimburse additional expenses, up to the policy limit, for an extended stay due to grounded flights or an interrupted trip due to damage of your primary residence.

At Luna Property Management we can make sure you get a list of all important facilities nearby such as

We also suggest asking for can goods on your list of grocery shopping if you are requesting for the fridge to be stocked up upon your arrival. All our villas will be equipped with necessary items like first aid kits, batteries, candles, flashlights, and water.

All this said, don’t let the fear of hurricanes change your plans of enjoying a lovely getaway in paradise.

With a few adjustments to your travel routine, you can adequately prepare yourself for the possibility of a hurricane. Feel free to contact our concierge team for anymore questions you have regarding being prepared for hurricane season.

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